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 LUTISHIA LOVELY is a multi-gifted creative artist who for more than a decade has written a slew of successful novels under multiple genres that readers have entitled “OMG reads.” Her first series, Hallelujah, debuted to mixed reviews with a unique blend of explicit content against an inspirational church backdrop that had never before been explored in the world of publishing. Still, she attracted an enthusiastic and faithful following with her first release, Sex In The Sanctuary, being nominated as 2007’s Book of the Year by the Southeastern Arts Association. Two installments from the same series were Romantic Times Book Review’s Best Multi-Cultural Fiction finalists and every novel in the series appeared on BCNN’s (Black Christian News Network) bestseller list with many of them debuting in the number one slot. Book number ten in this fan favorite collection, First Husband, is set for a Summer, 2019 release. Her second series, The Business, embraced the culture’s love of family and soul food. Her third series, the Shady Sisters Trilogy, took a ride on the wild, dark side with suspense-driven storylines. The Perfect Deception, book two in the trilogy, was an African-American Literary Awards Show finalist in the mystery/suspense category. It was Lovely’s first foray into this genre.

 When not writing contemporary fiction, Lovely lends her muse to the EMMA and African-American Literary Award-winning, romance writing, alter-ego Zuri Day, who has had more than two-dozen novels published, along with an independent contribution to a series about Black Love called Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance. Her novella, Thug Love, was inspired by hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur and is all about the 90s. Another pseudo, Camryn King, writes suspense-filled novels with empowered female leads and in 2019 Lovely will release both her first standalone novel and her first non-fiction novel. Industry memberships include The Author’s Guild, Romance Writers of America and the Black Screenwriter’s Organization.

 Along with an artist arsenal that includes creating stage plays, screenplays, music and promotional videos Lovely embraces her work as a transformational life coach, certified in a variety of holistic modalities including EFT and NLP, all designed to bring client’s from the life they have to the life they want, consultations that take those interested o na fun, fast-paced journey to being their most authentic, productive and positive selves.

 Lovely considers herself a citizen of the world, having visited almost every state in the Union and almost two dozen countries. She’s lived on both coasts and loves interacting with various cultures, especially those who enjoy her novels. She can be contacted through her website, LutishiaLovely.com, or via social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @ lutishialovely.